Appointment System Change

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As part of our ‘You Said We Did’ campaign a large number of patients said that they did not like having to contact us at 8am for ‘on the day’ appointments. So we have decided to trial the old way of making all of our appointments pre-bookable; as this will take away the need to contact us at 8am.

We aim to start this new system on the 22nd of July 2024, and will try our best to contact all of our patients to let them know about this.

We will have a very small number of on the day appointments reserved each day, but these will be strictly monitored and only given to those patients with an acute problem that can only be dealt with by us, and on the day; and all of those decisions will be made by the on-call GP.

It is important to note that this will not improve how many appointments we have to offer, it will simply take away the need to contact us at 8am.